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Being Dogs

The Being Dogs Purple Club

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The Being Dogs Purple Club

It’s extra-ordinarily simple. A no-nonsense membership with rewards laid out on every step.

The Being Dogs Purple Club membership is an out of the box, extra-ordinary, membership experience for your and your dogs. It combines unlimited fun with ultimate luxury. A never ending stream of happiness awaits you. Sign up today to be a part of this happening community. 

What it includes:

  1. Lifetime entry into our exclusive loyalty program. A program that guarantees you a 10% cashback, in the form of redeemable points, on all your spending at and its outlets. 
  2. Personalised offers and recommendations of our products. When we say personalised, we mean it. That is these offers are only applicable to you and only you. Additionally, we understand your dog’s diet, eating habits, and preferences to share our recommendations with you. 
  3. Gift vouchers on your dog’s birthday that bring happiness, joy, and a cute smile to you and your dog’s face.
  4. Exclusive participation in our club contests.
  5. More benefits adding here soon. Stay tuned!