About Our Fresh Dog Meals

Learn More About Our Fresh Dog Meals & How We Make Them 

What Exactly Are Fresh Dog Meals?

Like humans, dogs also require a wide range of nutrients in different quantities throughout their lives. Fresh dog meals are basically food for dogs that are made with zero/no preservatives. At Being Dogs, fresh dogs meals are prepared with measurable ingredients in a facility and packaged without preservatives keeping in mind a dog’s daily nutritional requirement.

A fresh dog meal typically consists of gently cooked meat, fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, and herbs. It is much healthier for your dogs as it lowers their risk of being malnourished. Also, feeding your dog with a gently cooked diet made from fresh ingredients keeps them away from dangerous bacteria. The dog food is prepared at temperatures that kill dangerous pathogens without sacrificing the nutrients in the food.

Why Fresh Meals For Dogs?

Feeding your dog in the right way can do wonders for their overall well-being. Besides, fresh food is always “better” than processed foods.  Here's why you should always feed your dog fresh meals:

Increases your dog's lifespan

A fresh meal produces increased energy and improves long-term health that keeps your dog at less risk of having cancer, allergies, and many other threats.

Improves digestive health

Fibre, which is only obtained from natural sources, makes a fresh balanced diet more digestible for your doggo.

Better skin and shinier coats

Fresh dog meals can help in avoiding skin issues like itching, rashes, and dry coats. It has healthy oils that are essential for a dog food diet, and these fats make the coat shinier.

Better and firmer poop

Fresh dog meals have the exact amount of fibre required by your dog. This makes the process of breaking down of food much easier and to absorb other nutrients.

Quality of life

Amongst all the benefits, fresh dog food gives the greatest joy to your dog by providing better nutrition and indulging in delicious food. It is the tastiest path to a longer life!

How Do We Make Them?

The process starts with procuring fresh chicken. The chicken is then slowly boiled under required temperatures. After boiling the chicken, the bones and meat are separated from each other. When both, the bones and meat are separated, they are then boiled together so that the flesh absorbs all the marrow energy from the bones. After this, the bones are removed from the cooking as we do not use bones in our fresh dog meals. The boiled meat is then perfectly shredded to its finest with some broth added so that it can be easily consumed by a dog. Fresh veggies like carrots, pumpkin, zucchini and brown rice are mixed and boiled together to make the meal more nutritious and tasty. All of these are then added to the chicken. Following which a pinch of chia and flax seeds are added to every meal with a few drops of olive oil to make it more healthier, nutritious and bowl-licking tasty.

How Are The Meals Packaged?

Right after the cooking is complete the Being Dogs fresh meals goes straight inside air tight pouches. They are chilled in the refrigerator to remove excess heat and keep the meals fresh. These meals can be stored up-to 2 days from the cooking date in the refrigerator.

How To Use?

Being Dogs fresh meals are ready to eat straight out of the pouches. Pour the contents of the pouch out in your dog's bowl directly. However, if your dog prefers, you could pour a little warm water on top and mix it well. It is recommended to feed your dog twice a day at around 7 in the morning and then again at around 6 in the evening. Happy pet parenting!