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Being Dogs

Fresh Meals For Dogs Monthly Plan (60 Meals), Customised, Made Fresh Daily, Zero Preservatives, High In Protein

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Meals Combination

With our fresh meals, your doggos get the advantage of deriving protein and daily nutrition from different recipes everyday.

Order our monthly pack to get fresh meals for your doggo, delivered to your doorstep. Everyday for 30 days. 

60 packets. 2 packets per day.

Choose your size and preference from the list above.

After placing your order, we will call you to understand your add-on vegetable preferences.

Feeding Guide

Small Dogs: 200 Grams

Medium Dogs: 300 Grams

Large Dogs: 400 Grams

Being Dogs fresh meals are good to eat right out from the packet. Pour the contents of the packet out in a bowl and it's ready for indulgence. You need not heat the contents. However if your dog prefers, you could pour a little warm water on top and mix it. We recommend feeding your dog twice a day, at around 7 in the morning and then again at around 6 in the evening. Being Dogs fresh meals have a shelf life of 2 days that is you can store the food safely in the refrigerator for upto 2 days from the cooking date.